We can’t get enough of our customers, and it seems they can’t get enough of us either! We strive to serve every customer with the best service available. Check out what people are saying about us.


Register Marks Letterpress

Alpha Steel Rule Dies is our partner in getting what the customer wants and needs. We (Register Marks) jump through hoops to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Alpha knows that and works together with us to make it happen. Alpha has gone above and beyond for us many times. I can’t thank them enough!!
-Mark Requena

RRD Mexico

The best thing about Alpha Steel Rule Dies is the excellent service.
-Denny Hughes

Pounds Labs

Incredible customer service and turnaround! Alpha Steel Rule Dies has been an asset for us.
-Dennis Bowman

Millet the Printer, Inc.

Our business has been firmly planted on the shoulders of many local suppliers who facilitate all that we do. Randy Crow, from day one, has been a major source and a fine Christian brother for us.
-Bill Millet


Alpha . . . where do I start? Maybe with quick turn times. I know when our schedule changes and we need a die today, they make it happen.

They are always willing to come by the plant to discuss a critical job that is coming up. It’s great to have a team to bounce ideas off of. Alpha is an honest, hardworking company with an armload of talent.
-Bob Carlson